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Blah blah
16.10.2009 17:56 | -_-

What a great week.

My bike got stolen from outside the house. Since then I´ve been riding my flatmates mountain bike. Riding it gives me headache. Also, the brake doesn´t work properly anymore and today I had a few exciting moments in the traffic. In the rain. It´s been coming down for the whole day. My beautiful sunrise-coloured Converse sneakers are now brown. I got a nice and refreshing rinse from a friendly car driver who passed me by without noticing the puddle. Earlier this week I had the worst hang-over ever (which is not much on larger scale but more than my insides can handle). I hope the flower bed is alright.

Although I can´t ignore the two positive aspects of the week. The holiday started now. And I found a new flat where I can move sometime in December. It´s just around the corner from the uni so the bad weather or a stolen bike can never stop me from going to lectures...

I´m intending to spend my holiday by studying French and carrying out my artictic ambitions. I had my two week´s sporty period and I´m done with it. Time to get back to normal.

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Money - isn´t it funny?
08.09.2009 00:18 | k

I´ve fucked up my personal economy worse than ever.

Maybe that´s why I own a book called ”Be poor with style”(my own translation) by Alexander von Schönburg.

Anyway, I seem to be unable to manage my banking online let alone using a credit card. I lack the capacity of taking money seriously. It´s mostly because I´m young and I´ve never been in debt or bankrupt. I don´t see any danger in taking loans. For me banks is a peaceful oasis of wealth and well-dressed ladies.

And I wasn´t talking about English banks by the way.

I tend to despise the formality of banking and talk to the bank staff as if I was 10 years old. Anytime I´m given grown-ups´ information about accounts or interest rates, my ears kind of shut down. No matter how important it is. Figures simply slip out of my mind. They never even reach my brain. No, Mum, I don´t remember how much credit I´ve got. Why are you sighing?

The other day I managed to pay off my debt to the bank. 150 % of it. No harm done after all. As I was talking to the goofy customer service guy, I found myself solving the problem all by myself. He propably wondered why I called him just to tell about my stupid blunder.

Apparently some of the info is stored in my brain cells without me knowing about it.

I´m poor also because I haven´t got my study grant yet. It´s on its way. The thing is that I didn´t manage to change my address in the right way. As result Kela didn´t have my complete address.

I went to the shop last Saturday and had a proper experience of being poor and helpless in this cold money-centered world. I took only 2 € with me just to make sure I wouldn´t buy any nonsense. I got some clementines, placed them one the scale and attached the price tag on the bag. I notice it cost 1,80 €. I was still supposed to buy milk.

So I took less clementines, got the fat-free milk and started making my way towards the check-out. But then I couldn´t find the coin in any of my pockets. I had to go back and look for it on the floor. I couldn´t even think of the misery of leaving the stuf in the shop and going back home with empty hands. Not like I´d steal but you know what I mean.

Eventually I found the coin and left the shop with 10 cents´ change. I was so proud. Who said I´m not good with money?

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About life and studying
01.09.2009 20:03 | just me

First days at uni have revealed many new and also familiar facts of studying. The main dilemma of studying is not apparently costs or time but combining studies with partying!

Everyone says that you should make the most of the student life. That´s a great excuse for every sip of cider, isn´t it? What I don´t understand is why fun times are traditionally related exclusively to students? As if graduating and growing-up meant immediate entering to grey dull life without parties or drinking.

How is working really differend from studying? Students don´t have family of their own who might limit crazy nights-out. Whereas the employed make more money which makes it easier to pay admission fees, drinks, cab home...

Next question: is it easier for a student to skip classes and stay in bed on Monday morning? Basicly it is, but that´s only going to damage the student himself. Your studies are of use only for yourself. Being late from a lecture is not going make you get sacked but a two days´ absence might give you a bad conscience let alone getting you delayed in studies.

I reckon the appeal of study life derives from something else than partying. It´s the very time when life is bubbly and wide open in front of you but the future is still uncertain. You´re living with a tickling sensation of not knowing what´s coming up, testing your limits and differend lifestyles. Life goes on in periods: bachelor´s degree, student exchange, working, master´s degree, gap year, traveling...etc. There´s no chance of getting stuck in permanency.

It´s an illusion to think that starting to work means going down a straight road that ends in retirement. Time is differend now and many people are forced to re-educate themselves and find a new career. I find it a blessing because in that way life has more opportunities to surprise you. I wouldn´t mind returning to school and getting myself another degree!

I don´t think life at uni should be regarded as the last chance to have fun without worries. I rather get myself good grades in order to secure my future than attend every single party. It does depend on my own choices what my life is going to be like after graduating. It can still be fizzy as cider, carefree, fun, educating and exciting. One can even stay single and live in a rented flat. Growing old doesn´t have to mean mortgage and quiet Friday nights.

Life is what I´m going to make the most of..!

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Midsummer´s dream
09.08.2009 20:29 | kk

Summer is a strange thing. It´s like sort of a roleplay. You have to disguise yourself in shorts and sunglasses and say lines such as ”Damn, it´s hot” or ”The weather is rubbish. Can you even call this a summer?” The opponent either wipes imaginary sweat off his forehead or alternatively snorts in agreement. In summer you´re also supposed to practise all sorts of absurd pastimes e.g. picnics, croquet, pétanque and sunbathing.

I´ve been close to paranoid about the sun this summer. As beautiful as tanned skin is, it´s not worth it as the sun causes skin ageing. On tv there´s a commercial that exploits this fact and encourages folks to stay inside playing videogames... Hmm, which one is worse of the two bads: skin ageing or fat arse?

Luckily the weather´s been mostly cloudy and rainy here on the island of fish&chips. No need to worry about heat or UV-radiation. Though it was overwhelming to find out that Finns have been enjoying exceptionally nice weather... My only regrets are that I haven´t had the chance to go swimming or have a tradional backyard bbq with chilled cranberry cider. They do have Kopparberg here by the way, but no Finnish longdrinks. What a loss.

It´s funny how you always start looking forward to the fall when the weather´s cooler and things get serious again. You can forget about disguising yourself in ridiculous beach style and start watching tv with good conscience. You don´t need to worry about spending the season as enthusiastically as you can in order to have an impressive things-I-did-last-summer-list.

I guess you already read between the lines that I haven´t done much during the summer. But it was meaningful in other ways. This is also a good, relaxing ending to my glorious gap year (as if it hasn´t been relaxing enough..!). Because very soon I´ve got to get back to work and confront new challenges.

Till then I will keep on strolling around barefeet and practising my lines as I should...

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Puu ja kulkija
15.05.2009 15:11 | katt

Mun ikkunan ulkopuolella on puu, jossa kasvaa punaisia mykyjä kuin ruusunnuppuja. Tuleeko niistä lehtiä?

Mä katselen välillä ihmisiä, jotka kulkee tuossa kadulla. Mäkin haluaisin kulkea tai edes katsella eri katua. Mikään paikka ei oo vielä tuntunu sellaiselta, että jaksaisi sen saman ikkunan takana katsella. Missähän se paikka mahtaa olla? Mä oon huomannu, että mä oon monissa paikoissa vaan ollakseni pian jossain muualla.

On niin paljon näkemättä, että se melkein ahdistaa. Pitäisi saada kaikki ja heti, vaikka tärkeempää olisi pysya aloillaan hetkessä ja nauttia siitä. Suunnitelmia voi tehdä, kannattaakin, mutta liika kaavailu tappaa vapauden ja luovuuden. Open up your plans and damn you´re free! sanoo Mr.A-Z.

Tekisi mieli suunnitella, jotta kaikki menisi hyvin. Jotta ehdin varmasti kaikkialle. Mutta mielialat ja mielihalut muuttuu, niitä ei voi ennustaa. Kohtalokin puuttuu röyhkeästi peliin, jolloin strategia muuttuu ja säännötkin vaihtelee. Kontrollifriikin on tunnustettava tappionsa elämän voimakenttien äärellä. Ei kaikki ole minusta kiinni. Mut kaikki menee toisin, joku suunnittelee mua paremmin, myöntää O. Uusivirtakin.

Jos jokin tässä elämässä on pysyvää, niin muutos. Ehkei se puu tiedä itsekään, mitä niistä ruusunnupuista tulee.

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